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SAT 16 Oct • Black History Month Matinee


85m. Digital.

Lena Horne (1917-2010) and Paul Robeson (1898-1976): two incomparable performers from the golden age of American Show Business but whose most enduring legacy is the elevated status and recognition of African Americans in the performing arts. In the 1940's, together they were politically allied in the Progressive Citizens of America, a group dedicated to combating racism. Throughout their individual careers, they shared a common pride in their heritage, a refusal to compromise whatever the consequences and a glorious talent.

In this compilation programme Lena Horne provides a short, but revealing, introduction to her Hollywood career and there are extracts from CABIN IN THE SKY (1943), ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1946), TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (1946) and WORDS AND MUSIC (1948). Her memorable 1963 guest appearance on THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW provides the finale.

The tribute to Paul Robeson includes the Academy Award winning documentary TRIBUTE TO AN ARTIST (1979) narrated by Sidney Poitier and additional extracts from Robeson's feature films THE EMPEROR JONES (1933), SONG OF FREEDOM (1936),  BIG FELLA (1938) and PROUD VALLEY (1940).

£4/£3 Concs

still from filmSAT 16 Oct • Cigarette Burns Cinema presents

SUSPIRIA (18) 11.30pm

(Italy 1977) dir. Dario Argento 94m. Digital.
Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci, Miguel Bosé, Barbara Magnolfi, Susanna Javicoli, Eva Axén, Rudolf Schündler, Udo Kier, Alida Valli, Joan Bennett.

In Argento's landmark horror fantasy a young American finds herself at a German ballet school where witches prowl the corridors and chaos and destruction figure on the curiculum more than dancing. It's a stunning combination of menacing Grand Guignol atmosphere, dazzling colours, gory violence, lush décor and a pounding soundtrack by Goblin.

+ dj set after screening!


still from filmSun 17 Oct • 54th BFI London Film Festival

SILENT SOULS (Ovsyanki) (15) 1.00

(Russia 2009) dir. Alexei Fedorchenko 75m. Subtitles.
Yuri Tsurilo, Igor Sergeyev, Yuliya Aug, Viktor Sukhorukov.

A lyrical and mysterious road movie that creates its own unsettling atmosphere in an eloquent exploration of culture, tradition, belief and love. A husband who still is deeply in love with his dead wife sets out with a friend to bury her. The characters are Merjan, descendants of a 400-year-old Finnish tribe once native to part of western Russia. They have their own language, but most strikingly different are their rituals of marriage and death and grief. Director Alexei Fedorchenko captures the strange and unsettling atmosphere of this lost world in a fascinating and intriguing piece of poetic cinema.


still from filmPORTRAIT OF THE FIGHTER AS A YOUNG MAN (15) 3.00

(Romania 2010) dir. Constantin Popescu 141m. Subtitles.
Constantin Dita, Ionut Caras, Bogdan Dumitrache, Catalin Babliuc.

Based on stories from the archives of Romania's dreaded internal security services, PORTRAIT OF THE FIGHTER AS A YOUNG MAN focuses on just one of the many armed resistance groups that took refuge in the Carpathian Mountains after the country was invaded by Soviet forces in 1944. Led by Gavril Ogoranu (Constantin Dita, leading a superb ensemble cast) this is a true band of brothers who come to accept the anti-Communist struggle as their very way of life. Beautifully filmed in the realist, quasi-documentary style of the new wave Romanian cinema, this is powerful and committed epic movie making at its best.


still from film• WED 20 Oct • Special Black History Month Classic Matinee


(France/Italy/Brazil 1958) dir. Marcel Campus 107m.
Breno Mello, Marpessa Dawn, Lea Garcia, Lourdes De Oliveira, Adhemar Da Silva.

Winner of both an Academy Award and the Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or, BLACK ORPHEUS transforms the ancient Greek myth of doomed lovers Orpheus and Eurydice into the twentieth-century explosion of movement, colour and excitement that is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. With its eye-popping photography and glorious soundtrack, this was also the movie that kicked off a worldwide bossa nova craze.

+ introduction by Dominika Widlak-Manka from the BFI Education team

£6.50/£5 Concessions/free for Over 60’stop

still from filmSAT 23 Oct • Matinee


(Netherlands/US/UK/France 2009) dirs. Chris Hegedus & D.A. Pennebaker 87m. Digital.
Jacquy Pfeiffer, Sebastien Canonne, Philippe Rigollot, Regis Lazard, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Jacquy Pfeiffer, the founder of Chicago's French Pastry School, returns to his native country to compete for the honour of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France) – the ultimate recognition for any pastry chef and the object of dreams and obsessions. Capturing the disappointment and joy of Pfeiffer and his rivals, the film, by two of cinema's great documentary makers, never loses sight of the gravity of the competition, the skill, dedication, sacrifice, and hard work involved in the quest that will climax with President Nicolas Sarkozy declaring one competitor as the winner of one of the ultimate honours in French culture.

+ cake sampling after the film!

£6.50/£5 Concstop

still from filmSAT 23 Oct • Soul Shack presents

SOULBOY (15) 11.30pm

(UK 2010) dir. Shimmy Marcus 84m. Digital.
Martin Compston, Felicity Jones, Alfie Allen, Nichola Burley, Craig Parkinson, Brian McCardie, Jo Hartley, Pat Shortt, Huey Morgan, Bill Fellows.

It's grim up north in the late 1970's and young Joe is bored and going nowhere until he discovers the exciting new world of heart-thumping sounds and all-night dancing that is Northern Soul at the Wigan Casino. Added attractions/problems are blonde and brassy Jane and cute and artistic Mandy. With some priceless archive footage as a bonus, this is picture-perfect retro fun.

+ Northern Soul dj set after screening!


logoSAT 30 Oct • London Children’s Film Festival


(Germany 2009) dirs. Thilo Rothkirch & Piet der Rycker 72m.
Recommended age 4+

Laura and her magical star are going to Bejing! Her mother is to perform at the Chinese Opera but on the flight there Laura’s star goes missing. She dreams that an evil black cloud will swallow the night sky up unless she finds her star again. A boisterous Chinese dragon and a girl called Ling Ling come to her rescue in this beautiful and enchanting animation.

In German with English subtitles read aloud.

+ WORKSHOP: quick and easy craft activity – make and decorate your very own stars! Free and open to all. If busy, activity may be first-come first-served.

£3 Children/£4 Adults

still from filmPOLICE DOG DREAM (PG) 3.45

(Japan 2010) dir. Yoshinori Kobayashi 113m. Subtitles.
Recommended age 9+

Training a police dog is hard work, as novice Kyoko knows only too well. But it’s been her dream ever since she was eight and she not going to give up, especially when she’s given the opportunity to train the adorable Labrador puppy Kinako. After a heartbreaking separation they realize that sometimes just being together is more than enough.

£3 Children/£4 Adultstop

still from filmSAT 30 Oct • Late Night Halloween Double Bill

Celebrate Halloween with two of the movies' legendary journeys into the malevolent darkness of the unknown as Satan, in all his many forms, leads the forces of evil in the eternal battle for minds and souls.


(UK 1968) dir. Terence Fisher 91m. Digital.
Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Sarah Lawson.
Hammer Horror at its greatest with Christopher Lee as the cool aristocratic occultist Duc de Richleau who discovers the existence of a satanic cult lorded over by the quiet, powerful and lurking evil of Mocata (the unforgettable Charles Gray). Let battle begin for the souls of two young lovers - on both physical and spiritual planes. It's a dripping in dread classic mix of sinister ambience and vivid and unsettling imagery, complete with initiation ceremonies, sacrificial victims, an appearance by The Goat of Mendes and an eerie supernatural battle between the two Masters of the Forces of Light and Darkness.

still from film+ CAT PEOPLE (PG)

(US 1942) dir. Jacques Tourneur 72m. Digital.
Simone Simon, Kent Taylor, Tom Conway.
The ultimate Shadows in the Dark movie, a classic of chilling atmosphere, haunting visuals and almost unbearable suspense. A young Serbian woman living in Manhattan is convinced that her ancestors were animal worshippers and fears that she herself might turn into a lithe, ravening panther if her passions are aroused. Morbid obsession, sexual repression or a real, horrific possibility? The throat-grabbing climaxes of a lonely, echoing walk through pools of lamplight alongside Central Park and a late-night swim in a deserted indoor swimming pool may reveal the truth... or not.


FRI 5 – THUR 11 Nov • 16th London Turkish Film Festival

London Turkish Film Festival logo

Throughout 2010 Turkish Cinema has been enjoying unprecedented success at film festivals worldwide. During two weeks in November the 16th London Turkish Film Festival is bringing many of these films to London and, as the original home of the LTFF, the Rio is delighted to be playing host to seven days of exciting features, documentaries, shorts and discussions. The highlights include a rare chance to see EGG and MILK, the first two parts of Semih Kaplanoglu's trilogy, alongside his Berlin Golden Bear winner HONEY; KOSMOS the latest film from internationally acclaimed director Reha Erdem; unique, fascinating and revealing doumentaries such as LOST SONGS OF ANATOLIA and MUEZZIN; a chance to discover the 'Turkish Coen Brothers,' Yagmur and Durul Taylan with their dark comedy VAVIEN; and films from Turkish directors working abroad which this year range from Ferzan Ozpetek's delightful Italian family saga LOOSE CANNONS to Ozgur Uyanik's RESURRECTING THE STREET WALKER, made in Soho and the LTFF's first psycho-horror movie!

See www.ltff.org.uk for more details.top

London Turkish Film Festival logoSAT 13 Nov • Matinee


(Germany 1927) dir. Fritz Lang. 150m. Subtitles. Digital
Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Frolich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge.
2009 Restoration: F.W. Murnau Stiftung.
Original Music Score Reconstruction: Frank Strobel.

For the first time since its 1927 Berlin premiere the lavish and spectacular epic that is METROPOLIS actually makes sense. The addition of 25 minutes of newly-discovered footage has transformed Fritz Lang's much truncated mother of all sci-fi movies from a jumbled treasure trove of visionary, iconic and influential imagery into a dazzling modern masterpiece. Its tale of a futuristic city and its divided society of masters, men, machines and a mad scientist is equally timeless and the movie remains as powerful and relevant as ever.

£8.50/£6.50 Concstop

London Turkish Film Festival logoSAT 13 Nov • Late Night Cigarette Burns Cinema presents

PSYCHOMANIA (15) 11.15pm

(UK 1972) dir. Don Sharp 91m. Digital.
Nicky Henson, Beryl Reid, George Sanders, Mary Larkin.

A legendary piece of 1970s kitsch centred around motorcycle gang The Living Dead who as servants of Satan do become genuine Hell's Angels. Under the guidance of his spiritualist mother and her Satanist butler the leader of the gang discovers the secret of eternal life and is thus able to terrorise the Home Counties even more. Beautifully underplayed with tongue firmly in cheek, including a graveside rendition of the stunning biker anthem "Riding Free," this is a certifiable one-off original.

+ dj set after screening!


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