R I O   C L A S S I C   M A T I N E E S

The Rio’s monthly Classic Matinees take place on the first or second Wednesday of the month. There is an interval for every film, and extra seating is provided in the foyer. We are delighted that thanks to funding from the Bridge House Trust we are able to offer free admission. We are also able to offer free tea and cake! Please come along and enjoy a film and a chat!

These screenings are also open to everyone else at normal weekday matinee ticket prices.



(US 1959) dir. Billy Wilder 110m.
Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft, Joe E Brown.

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are the two struggling musicians who pretend to be women in order to escape Chicago after witnessing the St Valentine's Day massacre. Disguised as Josephine and Daphne, hilarity ensues when they meet the dazzling Sugar Kane, played to perfection by Marilyn Monroe. An enduring treasure, and one of Hollywood's greatest screwball comedies!

EASY VIRTUE• Wed 11 Mar 2.30

(UK 2008) dir. Stephan Elliott.
Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas.

A droll and witty adaptation of Noël Coward's theatrical 1920's culture clash. American Larita Huntington (Jessica Biel) brings sex and scandal to an English country house when she arrives as the new wife of John Whittaker. John's father, played to perfection by Colin Firth, is soon enchanted by her but his mother, a haughty Kristin Scott Thomas, is horrified. There ensues a battle of wits in which the two strong-willed women employ fair means and foul to gain the upper hand. With its lush settings, some of the wittiest dialogue ever written and an eclectic soundtrack of musical gems that range from Coward to Prince, EASY VIRTUE is just simply divine.

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