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Sun 5 Oct • Documentary double bill

LET'S GET LOST (15) 1.30

(US 1988) dir. Bruce Weber 120m.
Chet Baker, Carol Baker, Vera Baker, Paul Baker.

Bruce Weber's documentary-homage to jazz trumpeter and drug addict Chet Baker. While the director's love for the musician is clear, this is still a warts and all portrait with a fascinating series of interviews with friends, family, colleagues and lovers, footage of Baker throughout his life and, of course, some great music.

Man on a Wire+ MAN ON A WIRE (12A) 3.50

(UK 2008) dir. James Marsh 94m. Digital.
Philippe Petit, Jean-Louis Blondeau, Annie Allix, Jim Moore, Mark Lewis, Jean-Francois Heckel.

The compelling story of eccentric daredevil Philippe Petit, most famous for his staggering stunt of 1974 when he walked across a high-wire from one World Trade Centre tower to the other. Superb archive footage of this and earlier stunts, alongside insightful interviews with Petit, make this one of the most entertaining documentaries of recent years.

KILLER OF SHEEPSun 12 Oct * Black History Month double bill


(US 1977) dir. Charles Burnett 80m. Digital.
Henry G Saunders, Kaycee Moore, Charles Bracy.

A masterpiece of African American film-making and one of the most sensational feature debuts in cinema history. Director Charles Burnett combines gentle lyricism with powerful realism in a story told with compassion and humour. In the Los Angeles community of Watts, Stan, a sensitive dreamer, is growing detached and numb from the relentless everyday grind of life and work, only finding respite in moments of simple beauty. The movie's haunting images and extraordinary soundtrack are a revelation in this new high-definition restoration.


(US 1983) dir. Charles Burnett 77m. Digital.
Everette Silas, Jessie Holmes, Gaye Shannon-Burnett, Ronnie Bell.

Restoration and a complete re-edit by the director, reveals the director's unreleased second feature MY BROTHER'S WEDDING as funny, heartbreaking and timeless. Pierce Mundy works at his parents' South Central dry cleaners with no prospects for the future - his childhood buddies are all in prison or dead. With his best friend just getting out of jail and his brother busy planning a wedding to a snooty upper-middle-class black woman, Pierce navigates his conflicting obligations while trying to figure out what he really wants.

FRANKLYNSun 19 Oct • 52nd The Times BFI London Film Festival

FRANKLYN (15) 1.30

(UK 2007) dir. Gerald McMorrow 98m.
Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill.

FRANKLYN is an urban fairytale which successfully marries inventive storytelling with a striking visual sense. Set in both contemporary London and the futuristic religion-dominated Meanwhile City, it's a tale of four characters: an atheist vigilante who has vowed revenge on Meanwhile City's leader; a privileged but cynical and depressed young artist; a sensitive young man with a broken heart; and a deeply religious man who has come to London in search of his missing son. Switching between the worlds of the real and the imaginary allows first-time writer-director Gerald McMorrow full reign to imaginatively explore the relationship between love, fantasy and faith.

Advance booking for this screening is closed but a limited number of tickets will be available on the door.



(UK 2008) dir. Sharon Maguire 100m.
Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor, Matthew Macfadyen.

Adapted by writer-director Sharon Maguire (BRIDGET JONES' DIARY), Chris Cleave's original novel, published just days before the July 2005 attacks on London, is the story of a young woman whose husband, a bomb disposal officer, and four-year-old son are killed in a London suicide bomb attack. Filled with guilt (she's been having an affair) and driven almost crazy by grief, she tracks down the son and wife of one of the terror suspects. The 'war on terror' backdrop looms large, but ultimately INCENDIARY is Michelle Williams' film, with a performance that brings a moving dignity and strength to the character.


I LIVE IN FEARSun 26 Oct • Kurosawa double bill


(Japan 1955) dir. Akira Kurosawa 103m. Subtitles.
Toshirô Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Minoru Chiaki, Eiko Miyoshi.

Kurosawa's compelling drama features the great Toshiro Mifune as the family patriarch who becomes obsessed with the certainty of a nuclear holocaust. The film's evocation of dreams of the past mixed with fears of the future resonated with audiences in 1955 and its power remains undiminished today.


(Japan 1952) dir. Akira Kurosawa 143m. Subtitles.
Takashi Shimura, Nobuo Kaneko, Kyoko Seki, Miki Odagiri

A triumphant humanist work set in post-war Tokyo, this is Kurosawa's beautiful tale of city bureaucrat Kanji Watanabe who discovers he has terminal cancer, and embarks on a soul-searching journey to give his life some meaning before it's too late. A universal masterpiece for all time.

WELCOME STOPSun 2 Nov • Filmpro Benefit Premiere

WELCOME STOP (15) 12.00

(UK 2008) 25m. dir. Michael Achtman
Margo Virginia Cargill, Gary McFarlane, Peter Edwards.

An unconventional road movie exploring issues of relationship and boundaries among three disabled characters. It follows Morag along the first steps of her path to self-discovery, as she dumps her oppressive boyfriend at a motorway service station and hitches a ride with Gerry, a recovering sex-and-love addict. Attempting bold transformations in their lives, the characters don't always succeed gracefully, but at least they try. The journey towards self-discovery and the struggle to self-actualize are themes that, in WELCOME STOP, cross boundaries of race, disability and sexual orientation. Proceeds from the screening will go towards the purchase of a community-accessible wheelchair tripod. The screening will be subtitled and audio-described.


XXYSun 2 Nov • Double bill

XXY (15) 2.15

(Argentina/France/Spain 2007) dir. Lucia Puenzo 91m. Subtitles. Digital.
Ines Efron, Martin Piroyanski, Ricardo Darin, Valerie Bertuccelli.

The title of novelist Lucía Puenzo's subtle, thoughtful first feature is the genetic coding of the hermaphroditic condition of 16-year-old Alex. After years of moving from place to place to protect Alex from exposure and ridicule, her loving parents resolve that it's now time to decide her future. A climactic weekend visit by a plastic surgeon and his family is tenderly observed, quietly understated and deeply moving.


(Uruguay/Brazil/France 2007) dirs. César Charlone & Enrique Fernández 97m. Subtitles.
César Charlone, Enrique Fernández. With César Troncoso, Virginia Méndez

THE POPE'S TOILET is much more than your bog standard comedy. In Melo, an impoverished town in northern Uruguay, a small-time smuggler, but full-time dreamer, plans to strike it rich by building a lavatory for the use of the thousands of Brazilians expected to cross the border when the Pope makes a brief visit in 1988. But will he and his more realistic family end up being richer or just wiser at the end of the day?

DOUBLE INDEMNITYSun 9 Nov • Billy Wilder double bill


(US, 1944) dir. Billy Wilder 107m.
Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson.

Billy Wilder's quintessential film noir in which MacMurray's insurance salesman is willingly trapped by Stanwyck's ultimate femme fatale. Based on James M Cain's pulp novel with a screenplay co-written by Raymond Chandler, this is 1940's Hollywood at its greatest.


(US 1960) dir.Billy Wilder 125m. Digital.
Jack Lemmon, Shirley Maclaine, Fred MacMurray, Ray Walston.

Wilder at his cynical, satirical best. Jack Lemmon is the definitive sad sack who lends out his apartment to his bosses for their illicit affairs in the hope of career advancement. But complications ensue when he falls in love with the company's elevator operator (Maclaine). The winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Jewish Film Festival

Sun 16 Nov • UK Jewish Film Festival

FACESFACES (15) 2.00

(Switzerland/France/The Netherlands 2007) dir. Gmax (Gerard Maximin) 75m. Digital
FACES follows French photographer and street artist JR who in March 2007 led a group of fellow artists in a unique and fascinating 'Face 2 Face' project. Giant pictures of the smiling faces of both Israelis and Palestinians were pasted, illegally, onto Israel's Wall of Separation in eight Palestinian and Israeli cities. The film records the project from the first photo-shoots to the eventual pasting in such hotbeds as Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Hebron and Ramallah and along the way captures its own portrait of people from different political and religious backgrounds coming together with one voice.

+ Q&A with Marc Berrebi the film's producer and one of the initiators of the Face2Face project www.face2faceproject.com



(Iran 2007) dir. Hana Makhmalbaf 77m. Subtitles. Digital.
Nikbakht Noruz, Abdolali Hoseinali, Abbas Alijome.

An evocative and engrossing portrayal of everyday life in Afghanistan set around Bamiyan, the site of the Taliban's notorious detonation of giant Buddha statues. Young Bakhtay's everyday struggles become a moving, inspirational and optimistic metaphor for life in a unhappy land


(Turkey 2006) dir. Reha Erdem 112m. Subtitles.
Ozkan Ozen, Ali Bey Kayali, Elit Iscan, Bulent Emin Yarar.

>From one of the great modern filmmakers, a beautiful, haunting drama of three young adolescents who spend their days in the Turkish countryside, beginning to grasp elements of adult life by observing their own parents. Captivating and timeless.

AU REVOIR LES ENFANTSSun 30 Nov • Double bill


(France/West Germany 1987) dir. Louis Malle 100m. Subtitles. Digital.
Gaspard Manesse, Raphael Fejto, Francine Racette.

A story of friendship and devastating loss set in Nazi-occupied France. At a provincial Catholic boarding school, two boys are best friends - until a secret is revealed. Based on events from writer-director Louis Malle's own childhood, the film is a subtle, precisely observed tale of courage, cowardice, and tragic awakening.


(UK 2008) dir. Mark Herman 94m.
David Thewlis, Vera Farmiga, Rupert Friend, Richard Johnson.

Based on the children's best-seller by John Boyne, this is the story of the naive young son of a newly promoted Nazi officer who moves with his family to a house adjacent to a death camp and makes an unlikely new friend. His mother Elsa also makes her own discoveries about her husband and his role in the Final Solution. A brave and haunting film that brings History to life.top

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